How To Save A Family Re-Branding

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Hi everyone! If you’ve been following us on How To Save A Family for the past year then you may have noticed some changes that happened recently. For instance, we now have a whole new layout on the website!

These changes were NOT planned, but we’re so happy that they happened and are looking forward to quickly growing and sharing lifestyle tips and saving deals again!

In case you’re wondering what exactly happened and why the site has been down for a minute… A little over a week ago it came time to renew our domain name along with hosting package, and though this is a relatively easy task, we don’t have a “professional” managing the back end of our site. So while going through this process we intended to take the site off of auto-renew hosting, but instead Godaddy DELETED our hosting and consequently the whole entire website.



And yes, every time we’ve explained this to someone they ask, “Well didn’t you have a backup?”

And our answer is no. Why? Because we don’t have a “professional” managing the back end of our site.

We reached out to Godaddy with the issue and they informed us that it would be $150 to “get our website back”, and after arguing back and forth for a few days they offered half off of that price. It was tempting, but we knew that they literally had to click a button and the site would be back up and running, so what was the steep price for? (rhetorical question)

After much prayer and thought we decided that the best step moving forward would be to take a step back and re-brand How To Save A Family. 

To be quite frank, running a website on your own is HARD WORK. It takes countless hours of searching for information and then more time planning, writing, editing, formatting… and instead of helping our family grow stronger, we had kinda grown further apart in the process of it all.

So moving forward we’re going to focus more on things we can do as a family and have fun sharing! We’ll be posting Monthly Themed Crafts, Recipes, Thoughts, and ideas. With Christmas right around the corner we’ll also be sharing deals and money saving tips.

Sometimes in life we have to learn things the hard way, and for us this has definitely been an extremely stressful past month. Going forward obviously we will learn how to back up the website ourselves and do it routinely, but we’re also going to have more fun posting and sharing with all of our readers!

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