Imagination Station Book 19 (release date Feb. 7th, 2017)

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It’s no secret, we are HUGE Adventures in Odyssey fans!

After getting our hands on, and reading the first “The Imagination Station” book, I quickly decided that our family Needed (yes needed, it’s that serious.) the entire series in our library! Not only does this series┬áhave solid, good moral, main characters, but it has Biblical principles throughout (which I fully expected coming from Focus on the Family producers).

There is so much junk being published nowadays that it’s hard to filter through to the good stuff and find a book that is actually appropriate for children to read.

For awhile we were reading and enjoying the Magic Tree House book series, but as the title suggests there is quite a bit of MAGIC in each story. This actually wasn’t that big of a deal to us, because they are fictional books that mix with historical encounters. The writing was interesting and drew you in, and the titles were wildly popular among elementary age children!

So if you are a fan of the Magic Tree House series than I highly suggest you check out The Imagination Station books. Not only do the books similarly take you through history to experience events and people, but the Imagination Station books will transport you to BIBLICAL events! And that’s pretty much why we switched series.

*Please note – There are referral links in the post above. This probably┬ámeans NOTHING to you, but in the spirit of full disclosure we want you to know!

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